Posted on December 31, 2012

Unite Hair Care

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So its no secret I try a lot of products.Some I like, some not so much. Some make it into my favorite things some hit the trash never to be used again. Today I have two products for you that I cannot rave enough about and both have made it into my holy grail of essentials. So here we go. 

Unite is a premium, boutique, fashion-based brand found in select salons across North America, Australia,  and Europe. 

First I tried the 7 Seconds Conditioner I have unruly dry and somewhat manageable hair. My hair is curly but not uniform curls, I have loose curls, waves in the front and spiral curls in the back. Detangling is usually a nightmare. After washing and conditioning I sectioned my hair into four large sections and one at a time sprayed each section and brushed out. Whoa this conditioner lives up to its name, just a few spritzes and the brush slid right through, no tugging no pulling no knots, conditioning and detagnling in one product. 

Unite 7 seconds detangler conditioner
Price: $26.25

Some of the Benefits of the 7 Seconds Detangler: 
UV Protector
Thermal Protector 
Locks in Color

This particular day I wanted to wear my hair straight so after applying the 7 Seconds Conditioner I blew dry in sections. This what it looks like after a quick blow dry on a low heat setting. 

If you have followed my blog for a while you already know how much I am in love with Argan Oil, I use it all the time for just about everything and it makes a great smoother and heat protector for flat ironing. I also used the U Luxury Argan Oil form Unite.  You can add a few drop of this to wet hair before blow drying. 

Argan Oil Unite Hair Care
Price: $47.95

This Argan Oil from Unite had a pleasant fragrance and was not heavy at all, this won’t weigh your hair down. You only need a little bit. I use about a quarter nickel size amount on each of my four sections. I rubbed in my palms and applied to the hair a but down from the roots paying close attention to my ends. I have a little dry scalp in some spots so I also applied just a tad to those areas. 

I then  used my flat iron in and using thin sections flat ironed my hair. Once done I added a bit more of the Aragon oil and smoothed it over my hair.

Unite Argan Oil

Look at how smooth and shiny it also left my hair amazing soft. I am in love with this Argan Oil, one of the better ones I have used for my hair. This was an excellent quality oil that was weightless and left no film on my hair at all. 

 Benefits of the U Luxury Oil:

Reduces blow drying time
Extends color life 
Reconstructs the cuticle 
Norishes and Revilatlizes
Provides UV & Thermal Protection
Made in the USA 

Now I know the price of the products may be a little shocking but I have to say in my opinion they are worth it. The 7 Seconds Conditioner is almost 3 products in one, a detangler a conditioner and a heat protector.  The U Luxury Oil was just that Luxury, the formula was amazing.  I have used many different brands of Argan Oil and this one was far better than the ones I get at the drugstore.  You really only need a little bit so this bottle will last a very long time. I have a LOT of hair and 4 pumps was enough to cover my entire head. 

For more about the Unite brand and product offerings visit them on the web and check out their facebook page.  

So what do you think? Have you purchased or used Salon Quality hair care products? 

*Products in this post were provided to my by PR for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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  • The 7 seconds stuff sounds amazing! My knotty hair takes forever to detangle!

  • omg your hair looks amazing! Will def check this out!!

  • Great post girl!!

  • Thanks for sharing the useful information and its very kind of you to share your views on this product, Hope I will try it someday.

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