Posted on December 4, 2012

Born Pretty Store Stripping Tape

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Morning  Dolls,

The past month or so I have trying my hand at some nail art. I kept seeing all these pretty designs on nails around the web and was really eager to try stripping tape.  The nail stripping tape is available at This stripping tape is a great way for a nail art beginner to start experimenting with designs. For this design I used the silver stripping tape and Zoya Aurora & Storm. I did two coats with Zoya Aurora and then free handed adding Zoya Storm to the tips.

Zoya Aurora Zoya Storm Ornate collection

I added a line of the stripping tape to separate the two colors and on my ring finger I added some diagonal strips and a second horizontal one. The stripping tape is very easy to work with since it is adhesive on one side just place where you want it and it easily lifts to reposition. After placing the design I wanted I snipped the stripping tape just short of the edge of the nail using my cuticle nippers. I finished off with two coats of Hong Kong Girl topcoat. I had no issues with the tape lifting. I loved this manicure so much I wore it almost two weeks.

Zoya Aurora Zoya Storm Ornate collection

The stripping tape from Born Pretty Store is $8.99 and comes as a set with 12 rolls of different color tapes.The colors include Gold, Pink, White, Deep green, Red, Deep blue, Neon Rose, Silver, Brown, Light blue, Green, Purple. The tape is self adhesive and no glue is required. 

What do you think? Have you ever used stripping tape before?  Born Pretty Store is a great resource for all your nail art needs. They offer a lot of nail accessories and they have generously offered Beyond Beauty Lounge readers with a 10% discount code just use code XXL91 at checkout

*Items in this post were provided to me for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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  • Love it!

  • I have the tape, but I never can egt it to stay on my nail when I try it >.< I normally end up using it to make a standard tape mani.

  • This mani is gorgeous!! I love it!!

  • Wow!!! love it!! Love the color combos and the design. Great job girl!

  • Omg I freakin’ LOVE this mani!!! Great job girlie!

  • Omg I freakin’ LOVE this mani!!! Great job girlie!

  • This is gorgeous!! I have been wanting to get both of these polishes & also Song.

  • Beautiful manicure!

  • Beautiful manicure!

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