Posted on December 9, 2012

Make me over


Hey dolls, so what do you think of my new look? As we roll into the end of the year I thought it was time to change things up a bit and have the blog represent a little more of my personality. I think we nailed it.

So I have to shout out my blog designer Brea at Utterly Choatic. She is utterly amazing and I’m beyond the moon thrilled with what we came up with. Brea was an absolute pleasure to work with.  When I saw some of the drafts it was as if she climbed into my head and took over for a minute because she completely understood the vision I had and she made it come to life.

I always wanted this to be a laid back blog, kind of like how I am in real life. I may write the blog but it’s the interaction with all of you that makes it even more fun. As always I am here if you need anything, or if there is a topic or product you want to see let me know. My facebook page is always open. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and I look forward to bringing you lots of great things in the future.

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