Posted on November 13, 2012

Upcoming Skin Care Reviews Alpha Light Essentials & 18 Actives Dynamic Eye Pack

Natural Skin Care Shop/ Skin Care

As you all already know I am on a mission to clear smooth skin.  In the upcoming weeks I will be reviewing two new products for you from the Natural Skin Care shop. Here is a little bit about them; 


The Essential is designed for the skin care minimalist. Just an exfoliator and treatment serum for the essential and basic 2 steps of any good skin care routine.

– Advanced natural skin lightening actives
– Glycolic and Lactic with Kojic Exfoliator
–  Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Arbutin, Licorice

 Only two steps, sounds easy enough and not time consuming, looking forward to see if this will reduce the appearance of some of my old acne scarring.  You can read more about this product by clicking here.

18 Actives Dynamic Eye Pack 

DIMINISH DARK CIRCLES by stimulating circulation
PROTEINS & PEPTIDES strengthen skin
PREVENTS the formation of fine lines & wrinkles
PLUMPS out deep indents, lines, folds, and hollowed out areas
NATURAL process motivator to Undo the damage of time

Looking forward to this one to strengthen and plump the thin skin around the eye, one of the first places may of us start to show signs of aging. You can read more about this product by clicking here.

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