Posted on November 27, 2012

Guest Blogger Elizabeth from Did my Nails

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Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and I’m very excited to be able to contribute this guest post for Beyond Beauty Lounge. Thank you for the invitation, Mercedes! My own blog, Did My Nails, focuses on nail polish and nail art, so I thought I’d go with one of my favourite manicure techniques and do some saran wrap nails in China Glaze Recycle, Zoya Dove, and China Glaze Liquid Leather.
China Glaze Recycle, Zoya Dove, and China Glaze Liquid Leather 
I absolutely love this technique. Similar to sponging, it’s a great way to add a little something extra to your nails, whether you want to keep it more subtly monochrome or go all-in with bursts of color. And it’s so quick and easy to do, even if you’ve never tried nail art before in your life. You don’t need for a bunch of special tools to do it either, just a handful of wadded up cling wrap and something to dab your polish on before you apply it. I’ve done these nails in lighter greys before to produce a sort of stone/marble texture and again in black, white, and neon pink for a fun ’80’s look. This time I decided to go with greys and black, something a little bit dark and dramatic that could work with any look from grunge to glam.
China Glaze Recycle, Zoya Dove, and China Glaze Liquid Leather 
I’ve thought about doing a full tutorial for this, but it’d be one of the shortest tutorials ever. Just paint your nails whatever color you like, and when that’s dry, put some of your second color on an index card (or paper plate, etc…). Crumple some saran wrap into a ball and dip it into the polish. Dab it a little to blot the excess, and then stipple it onto your nail. I like to add at least a third color for contrast, but that’s totally optional…
 If you get some polish on your skin, a cotton swab or makeup brush dipped in remover will clean it off. Then just add your top coat, and that’s all there is to it! Plus I think this technique added a whopping 4 extra minutes to doing my nails? Like I said, seriously quick and easy.
China Glaze Recycle, Zoya Dove, and China Glaze Liquid Leather

Hope you guys enjoyed, and thanks again to Mercedes for having me on Beyond Beauty Lounge!

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  • Wow, this is so awesome. Looks like granite!

  • This looks awesome 🙂 Also im a new follower hope u can follow back and and check out my page 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words and thank you again so much, Mercedes, for having me!

  • I’ve still not tried the saran wrap mani…it looks awesome!

  • Love it! You really have great sense of creativity. I will try this one out it seems easy to do. Hope that it looks good just like this.

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