Posted on September 2, 2012

Mally Beauty Cosmetics Review

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Hey dolls I am so excited to bring you the products in today’s review post they are from Mally Beauty. Mally Beauty is a company founded by makeup artist Mally Roncal. I have been a HUGE fan of Mally for years I started using her eyeliner pencils about 6 years ago and fell in love with her line. Mally is one of my favorite makeup artists she has a wonderful upbeat personality and a wonderful spirit.  Mally’s signature is “bulletproof beauty”  quality, easy to use,  multitasking products that last all day. I already love Mally’s products but the extra thing I love about her line is that it is no overwhelming for beginners and her website breaks down each product, how to use it and even has tutorial videos to walk you through application. Makeup with REAL instructions can’t beat that! Ok so on to the three products I am going to show you today, these will help you achieve that flawless look and help set your makeup so it looks just as great when you come in as it did when you left out.
mally beauty poreless face defender
The packaging is so pretty
Perfect Prep Poreless Primer:  Apply after your moisturizer this reduces the appearance of pores and  fills in fine lines and wrinkles. Lifts, brightens and re-textures the skin. You have to let your moisturizer sit on the skin for a few minutes before applying this, if you try to apply before your moisturizer is dry it will build up and wont set properly. This primer almost had a whipped feel to it very different from the silicon based primers I have used in the past. This felt light and airy on my skin, hide my pores amazing well and created the perfect base for my foundation.
Perfect Prep Poreless Primer mally roncal
Shimmer, Shape, and Glow Face Defining System: Contour, brighten and highlight with this palette.  Contouring is new to me, I never used to do it before but since I have started I noticed what a dramatic difference it can make to a look.  I like to to do some basic highlighting in the daytime. I have cheekbones but also a pudgy round face so highlighting and contouring especially the cheeks helps give me more definition and slim the look of my face a bit. I also apply the pink to the tip of my nose and a bit around the temple for a little brightness.  This palette comes in five color variations, the one shown is the “in the pink lighter”  shade. This particular palette was a bit to light for me but you will see in the picture at the end how I was still able to highlight using it.  This is great palette for those of you new to contouring it has three simple colors and Mally tells you exactly how and where to apply them to achieve the desired effect.
mally makeup countouring
Evercolor Poreless Face Defender: Let me just say holy molly this is an amazing product. When I first opened it I was so confused it almost looked like nothing was there, I stuck my finger on it and was even more perplexed, what the heck is this and what do I do with it? So over to Mally’s site I had to watch the tutorial. Okay so its a finisher. I was previously using a powder followed by a finishing spray to set my makeup. I have oily skin so powder was needed to control oil and shine but I did not like the ashy, dry look it would sometimes give me so then I would spray my face with a mist to add some moisture back. I personally like a finished look that s a mix of a matte and a dewy look.  Mally knocked it out the park with this one, I don’t even know how to describe the texture of this product, it is amazingly light and feels like nothing on your skin but sets your makeup like nobody’s business. It comes with a nice big sponge, you pick up a little product and dab or press it into your skin, set it and forget it you are good to go.
makeup primer, minimize pores, makeup, mally makeup

This picture I took at the end of  a long night out at a comedy club. I laughed so hard at the comedians I had tears in my eyes but as you can see my makeup did not budge.

Check out Mally on the web at and follow her on facebook and twitter.

*the items featured were provided by PR for an hones review, all opinions are my own.

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