Posted on September 16, 2012

Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge: Day 1 Neon Nails

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OMG dolls what have I done???? I am not an artsy person, I never could draw. So somehow I found myself joining a few other bloggers in a nail art challenge. So bare with me, these next two weeks are going to be tough for me but I am going to give it the good ole’ college try.

The first challenge assignment was neons, GAH I had no idea what to do, so I tried my hand at dotting. Honestly I don’t even own any nail art tools so I used the end of a bobby pin to create the dots. I think it’s okay for my first try. I have to apologize for the blurry pics right after I finished this manicure and was setting up to take the pictures I dropped my camera and it broke 🙁 , so for the next few weeks I will be taking pictures with my phone until I can get a new camera.

For this design I started with a base coat of Sinful Colors Pink and added dots using Sinful Colors Love Nails, Sinful Colors Go Green, Sinful Colors Dream On and  NYC French Tip White

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