Posted on August 12, 2012

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Hey dolls, so I am bringing you something totally different but kind of fun today. So no we are not back in the 19th century but yes I am talking about corsets. Corsets are more versatile than you might first think, with a few changes they can easily be worn out to a party with the addition of a skirt, or maybe as part of a Halloween costume. . Even if you are more modest like myself put it over a tank top and wear with jeans for a snazzy night on the town look. Corset Chic is a great place to find a wide array of corsets, corset dresses, they even carry plus size corsets.
Shown with a petticoat. Image courtesy of

The corset top I received was a navy blue and gold tapestry designed corset with an adjustable criss cross laced back and metal clap hooks on the front, lined at the top and bottom with black lace. Even with the 12 shaping bones in this corset the fit was very comfortable. Now corsets are meant to be form fitting and these run on the small side so measurement is very important. I went by my clothing size in estimating my corset size and I over estimates just a bit and mine was a tad loose. You can adjust this by pulling the lace tighter in the back but I would recommend actually breaking out the measuring tape and using your actual measurements.

corst chic
laces up in the back

corset chick
front hook closure

This Corset retails for $29.99 and be purchased at 

*This item was provided to me by PR for an honest review, all opinions are my own. 

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  • Thanks for the review, such a good price for something that seems to be good quality! :o)

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