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Whitening Lightning: Dial A Smile Kit

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Company Background:
Whitening Lightning began as a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles, California. In only 2 years, our product line has caught fire and surpassed all expectations. Our fabulous flagship product the Whitening Lightning Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen is a revolutionary breakthrough in professional grade, at home teeth whitening that creates raving fans wherever it goes. Our whitening pens and professional home kit allow users to whiten their teeth and get the results they want when they want. No hassle, no messy trays, and no sensitivity! Now available in over 80 countries, Whitening Lightning has garnered more attention than ever imagined and shows no sign of slowing down.
Our products were named a Top 5 Pick by NBC News. Featured in high profile magazines like In Style, Soap Opera Weekly, OK Magazine, US Weekly, and many many more, our Super Booster Whitening Pen was recently dubbed “a Must Have for Every Woman’s Purse.” 

What Makes Whitening Lightning Unique?

Whitening Lightning mantra is problem solving. Our products are designed to trigger the response “why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” People avoid using traditional whitening products because they cause sensitivity and are too messy and time consuming to use. Traditional whitening products use carbomide peroxide as the active ingredient. It is slow-acting and can cause pain with extreme tooth sensitivity and irritation. Our Whitening Lightning Super Booster Pen and our newly released Dial a Smile Professional Whitening Kit are made with hydrogen peroxide which offers faster results without the sensitivity. Additionally, our products are fast acting, easy to use, and can even be used while you sleep. We even offer an all natural botanical solution to teeth whitening in our ZERO White product line. Our latest home run hit, our Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Plumping Gloss, comes complete with a mirror and light built right in for that perfect smile every time you use it!

It’s no surprise our ever expanding range of innovative beauty products are such a huge hit with Hollywood celebrities and fans alike!

Perhaps most importantly, all of our products are Cruelty Free and are never tested on animals!

I am so excited to tell you about this amazing at home teeth whitening kit. If you have been searching for an easy, safe, gentle kit that you can use at home, look no further. Sure you have tried other things at home before, teeth whitening strips that fall off, so called whitening toothpaste, nothing really works like promised and the results do not last.  I was in the same boat until whitening lightening. This kit not only brought my teeth up at least 4 shades but several weeks later they are till white. I did one treatment and followed up with the whitening pen for one week.  The system was very easy to use; I did it while watching a TV program. I did not have any sensitivity whatsoever. So here are the steps:
Use Paper Dial to mark current shade of teeth
First scrub teeth with the included teeth wipes
Dispense gel into tub
Use Vitamin E swab to coat gums and inside of the lips
Use brush to apply gel to teeth
Turn on light and hold it to teeth for 20 minutes
Brush off gel
Determine finishing shade
Use whitening pen on teeth before bed
I was extremely pleased with my results after only one treatment. This was one of the easiest at home kits I have ever tried and by far the one that gave me the best results. I went from a 7 to a 4 and still have 2 more treatments left in this kit. Easy, quick, no messy trays to clean, no strips that fall off, this kit is great. The kit also came with a nice color your smile lighted lip gloss. The gloss has this nifty light and mirror built in for touchups on the go. The gloss was a natural sheer tint that applied well and was not sticky. If you have considered a teeth whitening I highly recommend this kit.
*Dial A Smile: Professional Home Teeth WhiteningKit (with LED Light)=3D =$399
*Super Booster Whitening Pen=3D $79
*Color Your Smile Light Up Lip Gloss=3D $38
$516 total value
You can check out the Dial A smile and other products on 
You are in luck, the wonder people over at Whitening Lightning have provided a coupon code to allow Beyond Beauty Lounge readers to receive 60% off any product at use code BEYONDBL60 (case sensitive)  and they have also generously allowed me to host a giveaway of the Dial A Smile Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit! 
*the item pictured was provided by PR from an honest review, all opinions are my own*  

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  • I have tried crest white strips.

  • Only the cheap stuff. Some works some doesn’t :/

  • No I haven’t but if I win, I will be so excited to try it out!! Thank you for the chance to win !

  • I have used Crest whitening products. I like the toothpaste and the dissolving strips. The other strips just gave me extreme pain and discomfort :S

  • Crest white strips seemed to work well, but they made my teeth a little sensitive.

  • I tried Crest Whitening strips a LONG time ago… worked a bit, but I love the results I see here and would Love to win.

  • I have, but nothing worth sharing. 🙁

  • Crest White Strips have been ok in the past

  • I have used crest white strips in the past.

  • Yes! I’ve tried strips (but those make my teeth hurt), then tried GoSmile, but their flavors are icky & I’m not sure it works.
    I would love to try this and be picture prefect for my upcoming wedding. Awesome giveaway!

  • Pearl Lee

    thank you for the giveaway! i’ve never tried whitening my teeth before, but i’m dying to test it out :]

  • Just Crest White Strips. worked a little bit.

  • Just Crest White Strips. worked a little bit.

  • CMC

    I use a whitening toothpaste, but have never used whitening strips.

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  • nope but I would love to try some!

  • Ive tried whitening one time…love it!!

  • I have tried the whitening strips and the overnight paint on stuff. They worked a little bit.

  • Lydia Harpe

    I have never used a product like this becuase normally they are so expensive, but I just got my braces off so I’d love to try it!!

  • Just whitening toothpaste, but never anything like this – looks cool!!

  • Dianna

    I’ve used Crest whitening strips too. They’re ok, but they slip too much for me.

  • carol roberts

    no i havnt like to though

  • I’ve used the strips and the brush on stuff, but that was a long time ago.

  • just toothpaste,,,,

  • I’ve used numerous whitening toothpastes, baking soda and a sample white strip. =] My mom has used something similar to this and her teeth looked fab, so I have always wanted to try it. I’m just too broke. =] Thanks for the chance! <3 Demi

  • Laura heinen

    No i havent 🙁 but i would like to use this Kit 😉

  • I’ve used Crest White Strips and the whitening trays you can get from the Dentist.

  • The only teeth whitening product I’ve used is whitening toothpaste. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Haven’t used anything before but I’ve been considering it lately.

  • Crest White Strips

  • Dollar store stuff…. didn’t work.

  • I’ve used crest white strips.

  • crest strips

  • I’ve used two different brands of strips, thanks for this awesome giveaway (=

  • only the toothpaste but need more!

  • Tried Crest whitestrips, but they didn’t work as well as I hoped, and they were pretty messy and nasty tasting! 🙁

  • I’ve tried strips but they tend to leave white spots on my teeth and don’t whiten uniformly and I’ve used a whitening pen which seems to work much better for me.

  • I’ve only tried Crest white strips once and they were way to messy to be bothered with again.

  • I’ve only tried Crest White Strips.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I’d like to give this one a try – I hate the strips!

  • I’ve used Crest WhiteStrips, Trays, and CVS brand gel.

  • I’ve only tried crest white strips

  • I have tried crest white strips

  • Just crest strips!

  • I’ve used the crest whitening strips but they made my teeth sensitive.

  • I’ve used crest whitestrips before, but i’ve never actually finished a whole pack.

  • yes, strips, mouthwash, and toothpaste..

  • I used Crest WhiteStrips before, but I didn’t always have the time to mess with them, so they were inconvenient.

  • no i have not thank you for the oppotunity

  • Yes, I’ve used crest whitestrips, whitening toothpaste, peroxide…

  • yep

  • I’ve used crest white strips and I got some results. 🙂 I also use colgate whitening toothpaste.

  • I’ve used crest white strips. Time to do it again tho.

  • Angie Salgado

    I’ve never used a whitening system but I have used whitening products like whitening toothpaste. Which completely did not work. I’m looking for results! Maybe this product will do that. 🙂

  • I’ve used Crest White Strips and just plain ol’ hydrogen peroxide

  • Maddie R

    Yes, years ago I tried crest white strips.

  • I’ve tried the crest strips and thought they were horrible LOL

  • Have used some off brand white strips that worked pretty well for what they were but nothing all that great otherwise.

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