Posted on July 30, 2012

Summer Hair with T’eez & Sundari

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This month in my Bloom Ambassador Box I got the chance to try out some awesome hair products. Here are my thoughts and how I applied them. 

I was pleased with the results I got from using the Sundari Neem And Coconut Hair Treatment Oil. It relieved the dryness and itching from my scalp and left my hair soft, shiny and moisturized with no oily residue. The smell is pleasant without being overpowering. Although I was pleased with the result I am not convinced that the full size is a great value for the money. I used a sample size for this application and I had to use three of these sample size packets to cover my entire head. The full size is 3.4 fl oz. and retails for $34.00 on

T’eez Bounce me is the perfect styling cream. I light clean fresh scent and non-sticky this cream gave me shine and control, it paired well with the T’eez Build Me which gave my hair texture, and shine with out leaving a residue. I applied both the damp hair then let it air dry, I sprayed a little more of the Build Me to my hair for extra hold on my messy fishtail braided style. Often hair sprays are sticky and leave a white residue on the hair, this one did not.
The T’eez Bounce Me 6 fl oz retails for $22.99 on  and the T’eez Build Me 8 fl oz is $19.99 on

T'eez Bounce Me styling cream
T’eez Bounce Me
T'eez Build Me Volume Spray
T’eez Build Me Volume Spray
Hair Dry, Hair with Bounce Me and Hair with Bounce Me and Build Me

This summer has been a hot one and I find myself wanting to pull my hair up off my face and neck to help stay cool. Today I wanted a style a little more fun than a basic ponytail or braid so I did a fishtail braid. To prep I shampooed and conditioned my hair then applied the T’eez Bounce me styling cream and sprayed a little of the T’eez Build Me Volume Spray. To complete the fishtail gather hair as if you were going to braid, but instead of three sections you will only need two. Separate sections one in each hand, take small pieces of hair from underneath the section and cross it over the top into the other hand. Continue alternating grabbing pieces of hair from underneath and crossing over the top until you reach the desired length of the braid. You can make the style more defined by the tension at which you hold each section, tighter for a very polished effect or looser for a more relaxed effect, tie off hair at the end with a clip or elastic. 

*the products featured were provided to me as part of the beauty ambassador program, all opinions are my own.

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