Posted on July 22, 2012

Eyelure Lashes

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The Eylure brand was the brainchild of two world-renowned make-up artists, David and Eric Aylott. Founded in the late 1940’s, the innovative product range was developed to help the brothers in their work and film – the most famous creating Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary look as Cleopatra. The core Eylure range has always been about the enhancement and beautification of the eyes. The Eylure name is synonymous with the eyelashes that have been at the heart of the range since its inception.

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I love the look of long lashes, especially for a fancy event or an evening out on the town. I must admit though, I am not the best at applying false lashes on myself. They can be tricky and I can never seem to get them close enough to the lashline. I tried a few lashes from eyelure and I think I did an okay job. I took my time and got close up to the mirror. The one thing I liked best about these lashes is the ones I tried were pre-glued so I didn’t have to worry about applying the glue to them which I usually manage to get all over the place. These were easy to apply and just the right amount of enhancement for the occasion, I wore them to a wedding. I added one light coat of black mascara to blend them with my own lashes and was good to go.  Unlike many lashes I have tried in the past these stayed on all night and did not feel like spiders were on my eyelids. In the past I usually pull my false lashes off halfway through the night, either because they were falling off or just felt weird. Once applied I forgot I even had these on.

So how did I do? Do you ever wear lashes?  
Eyelure has a wide variety of lashes to fit your every need. Strips lashes, individual, pre-glued you need lashes they have them. 
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*product was provided by PR for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

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