Posted on June 13, 2012

Welcome Wednesday Guest Blogger Jilltastic Nail Design

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I love blogs and I read a ton of them. I thought it would be fun to start a feature to allow other bloggers to guest blog on Beyond Beauty Lounge so we can read about some other topics. So today I would like to kick things off with a post from Jilltastic Nail Design, Enjoy! 
 China Glaze Flying Dragon
Buying polish for me is a challenge.. I have a lot so there really isn’t many colors of the rainbow that I don’t have. No don’t get me wrong I am not bragging, most of my polish is $2 or less. Mostly less. With that said I have almost every color you can think up. This week I was crowned Employee of the Month (again not bragging) and felt a small reward was in line. I went straight from my meeting with my boss to my Sally’s. My original goal was one of the new China Glaze Neons. After staring them down for 15 minutes I was unmoved. Sinful Colors had recently released all the “same” colors and at $1 I got those. So I moved to the China Glaze rack. Again blah… Then on the very bottom shelf I saw 1 bottle that looked different. It reminded me of some of the Indie polishes I have seen lately. So I got it and came home.
First coat looked bad. Application was here and there, but I did get coverage with 1 coat. I had no idea it was going to be a matte polish when I got it. Being that the matte look is my favorite currently, I was VERY happy to see it matte up. 2 coat was plenty but I’m an over achiever and I added a 3rd.
It is a purple base color with blue and pink matte glitters. It dries slightly textured. Nothing a top coat won’t fix. I had to run a file across the tips of my nails b/c the glitters made them textured as well.
Over all I am very happy with this polish. I researched which line it was released in (the Ink line from summer 2008), and I will be looking for the others in the collection. 🙂
 Jilltastic Nail Design:

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