Posted on June 18, 2012

Spring/Summer Skin Care Goals

Skin Care

Healthy clear skin is definitely a priority for me and over the past few months I have noticed some changes in my skin. I have some blemishes popping up, which I think may be related to some new products I have been using in my hair.

Besides being pro-active with anti-aging treatments, I want to treat some blemishes and discoloration. I notice a few areas on my face seem congested, especially that dreaded area around the nose. My cheeks also have enlarged pores and getting rid of that would be great. Improving my skins texture would be a big plus.

I have heard good things about a treatment I can do at home. This would allow me not only to save money, we know how expensive frequent trips to the Dermatologist can be. Doing the treatment at home also means you all can go on the journey with me in a way.  The at home treatment I am considering is from Jessner. You can read up on them here: 

Let’s see if I can get this skin cleared up. 

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