Posted on June 3, 2012

Soft Landings Towels

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What do you use when doing beauty treatments at home? If you are like me you probably just use your regular face towels and paper towels. I have a set of hair towels and I usually dedicate a couple to beauty stuff. I end up throwing them away after a while because they get stained with makeup and nail polish. The one thing I don’t like about using regular towels or the paper towels is that they both leave lint on my face. You can imagine how annoying that would be.

I was given the opportunity to try Soft Landings Towels and I never imagined all the things I would end up using these amazing towels for. If you are not familiar with soft landings they are an absorbent and lint free towel. Soft landings towels are 100% contamination free and they even trap dust. Perfect for those who do nails, no more acrylic or file dust all over.

soft landing towels

Words cannot even describe how soft these towels feel, almost like cotton. I have used them for everything. They are so absorbent you can even use them as pads to remove nail polish. I even use them to clean my glass top makeup station and mirror, they leave no lint.  These towels are even great for washing the car.

Here are a few close up shots;

soft landing towels

soft landing towels

soft landing towels

Here is one I used during a water marble, which can be messy, but my towel worked great to protect the table and to wipe my tools. 

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For more information or for how to purchase please visit their website;

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  • Love these never heard of them. Thank you for posting this fabulous PR xoxox

  • I love that you love them. i appreciate the testimonial. Thank you.

  • thank you so much for the review. I don’t know how i missed this. I love that you love them.

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