Posted on June 19, 2012

Pretty Woman Perfume

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I am one of those women that wears a fragrance everyday. I like to change it up and try different scents. Sometimes I pick based on my mood, or what the day has in store.  I also love candles. There is something about the ambiance that is created when candles are burning that I find relaxing. I burn candles in my home all the time, even sometimes during the day.

Pretty Woman on the go set $16.95 

Pretty Woman Perfume by Barbabra Orbison is a wonderful addition to my collection.  I sometimes find it hard to describe a fragrance beyond fruity or musk.  This is one of those times I wish somehow I could let you smell it, I’ll do my best though. Pretty Woman is a mature fragrance that is not overpowering, right away I could tell it contained Vanilla and Amber with a light scent of Honey. It is a very sensual fragrance. This is one I wear on date night.  When I say mature, this is not in my opinion a fragrance a teenager would wear. This fragrance for some reason reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.  The soy based candle in the matching scent is one the man of the house will enjoy also. Fills the room with a warm sensual scent that lasts for hours.

Pretty Woman Soy Candle $29.95

There is a special on their site now, you can pickup the 30ml bottle size fragrance and the candle which burns for about 40 hours for $60 + shipping, that’s a great deal.  Pretty Woman can be found at specialty retailers including Fred Segal, Planet Blue, Private Edition in Nashville and The Peninsula Hotel in L.A. it is also available to order online at The suggested retail price is $80 for 1.7oz.


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