Posted on May 28, 2012


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I am in love this this amazing brow kit from Tweezerman. This kit contained everything needed to perfectly groom your brows. There are two that I am absolutely obsessed with, they are the Stainless Steel Point Tweezers and the Stainless Steel Pointed Slant Tweezers.  These Tweezerman Tweezers are perfectly designed for a comfortable grip that allows you to have good control when plucking your eyebrows. 
point tweezer
slant tweezers
close up of slant tweezers
mini slant tweezers
gold plated folding lash comb
lash curler
brow shaping scissors
brow brush
brow mousse
before & after
Tweezerman Tweezers are the last set of tweezers you are going to ever purchase. We have all purchased inexpensive tweezers that get dull and don’t grab the hairs well after a few uses. After a while you toss them and buy another pair. Or you have purchased a pair that were dull from the beginning. You will never have that problem with Tweezerman, their tweezers are sharp and grab even the finest hair with ease. One of my absolute favorite features of Tweezerman is that they offer a guarantee on their products. yes that is right, Tweezerman instruments are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and they will or replace (at their discretion) a defective implement FREE. Tweezerman also sharpens Tweezers, Nippers and Scissors that have become dull through normal use for FREE for as long as the item can still be resharpened. No processing fees. No Shipping & Handling fee. You can find the info for that service here.

*The items pictured were provided to me as part of the Tweezerman Ambassador Program, all opinions are my own*

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  • OMG so jealous i wanted in on this program soo bad!!

  • I think they are starting to accept more people, you may want to apply again. Good Luck I hope you get in these tweezers are amazing.

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