Posted on May 24, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields

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I was given the opportunity to try some nail shields from Jamberry Nails. I am sure by now you have seen some version of a nail shield in the stores. I have tried them once before and while I like the concept, the ones I had previously tried just didn’t work out. I gave them another try with these shields from Jamberry. Unlike the ones I had tried before, the Jamberry shields need to be heated.They are really easy to apply and only took a few minutes to do both hands. I had to trim them a bit to fit my nails.

  1. Use acetone or alcohol to remove any oils from your nails;
  2. Select what size will fit you best (just a tip cut the strips in half while still applied to the backing sheet), peel it off of the backing with tweezers.You don’t want the oils from your  fingers to touch the adhesive;
  3. Hold the shield under the heat of a blow dryer on a low warm setting for 15-20 seconds. The heat begins to activate the adhesive. The shields will become more flexible as you heat them, so if they looked too small for your nails at first you can stretch them a bit;
  4. Line up the shield with your cuticle and smooth it onto your nail bed(if you have a crease just reheat and smooth it out); 
  5. Allow the shields to cool, then trim away the excess and lightly file in a downward motion.  
  6. Then press the strip down firmly all over, to ensure good contact.
Removal :
  1.  Reheat the shields and peel off, any residue can be removed with alcohol.   
The Jamberry shields are chemical free and do not damage the natural nail.  I really like the variety of designs offered, these are perfect for someone who is not skilled at nail art like myself but want something a little more exciting than plain polish. Another bonus is no dry time so perfect for when you are short on time and need your nails done. Start to finish application took me about 10 minutes.
Jamberry offers a wide variety of colors and designs.
What do you think, would you give Jamberry Shields a try? Want more information or ready to purchase, visit Jaime on her website or on facebook at They are having a special now buy 3 get one free! 

*The items mentioned in this post were provided for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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  • Anonymous

    I like it!!! Especially because they don`t do damage to the nail bed!!! And what a timesaver!

  • these are cute. i have the spring flowers shields that I won in a giveaway. i havent used them yet but hopefully soon i’ll get around to it.

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