Posted on April 29, 2012

How to water marble


If you follow my Facebook fan page you know that I have been trying to master water marbling. I was determined to keep practicing until I got it just right and Yay, today I think I nailed it. I am by no means a master at this, I watched countless you-tube videos on it and read tons of tutorials from other bloggers and each time I tried it I got better. I also combined a few techniques from all the different methods I saw. Below I will outline the steps I used. 

Room temperature filtered or bottled water  (water temp can make all the difference in this process)
A glass bowl
Nail Polish Remover
Toothpick, orange wood stick or needle (use whatever you like just needs to be pointy to pull the design, I had these cocktail sticks already so that’s what I used) 
Nail Polish

1. Do your regular manicure routine. For the manicure pictured I did just an accent nail marbled, on that nail I did a base coat with Sally Hansen Lavendar Cloud. (the rest of my nails have OPI Stranger Tides, for the marble I used the OPI Stranger Tides, with Anise Grape Escape & Pink Pong; 
2. Coat around the nails with either tape or vaseline;

( a lot of the tutorials tape around their fingers for easy clean up, I tried that but didn’t like it, instead I coated around my fingers with Vaseline, it kept the polish from sticking to my fingers at all and the tiny bits that did wiped right off)

 3. Pour your water (remember it MUST be room temperature, too cold it won’t work);

(some people use cups, I found the bowl works better, these were 4 for $1 at dollar tree)

4. Add a few drops of nail polish remover to the water;

5. Line the polishes up that you will be using, unscrew all the caps before you start, you need to work fast;
6.  Start dropping your polish into the water alternating colors until you get a few rings;

Once you have a few rings it should look something like this;


7. Now grab your dragging tool and lightly drag it across the top of the water and make your design;


8.  Next get the design onto your nail, some people lift the design out of the water and place it on the nail, it didn’t work well for me so instead I used the dip method. Simply dip your nail into the design.

 9. Hold your nail under the water for a few seconds, then while your nail is still under the water use your other hand to grab the qtip and sweep it across the water around the nail to remove the rest of the polish lift the qtip and the extra polish comes right out of the water, after that you can lift your nail out of the water;

Whoop there it is, your design, repeat on remaining nails and finish with a clear top coat. 


So what do you think? Have you tried water marbling? Are you going to try it? I want to see pics, feel free to post your attempts on my Facebook page, have any tips feel free to share them on the page as well.

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  • Thank You im gonna try your try trick! Show you when done. When I get a chance!!

  • Really nice! Well done!

  • I must try this, I have attempted to do water marbling but I have failed 🙂

    • I tried 3 times before I got the hang of it, the polish makes a difference and the water temp. The first time I think the polishes I used were too thick.

  • Anonymous

    i use cold water:)it still works lol …..hehehehe:)

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