Posted on April 24, 2012

Barielle Pin Up, Sweet Addiction, Island Breeze Swatches

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Started over 30 years ago Barielle has an very interesting backstory. The founders began creating products to condition the hooves of their million-dollar racehorses. Over time they noticed the cream which was strengthen the horses hooves was also having the same effect on the nails of the jockey’s who applied it to the horses.  Later reformulated for men and women Barielle was also the first to bring 3-free products. Meaning none of Barielle’s products contain Formaldehyde, Tolueneor Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). In place of potentially harmful chemicals, Barielle uses natural alternatives such as Keratin, Proteins, Vitamins, and Oil and Plant Extracts.
Fortifying Nail Builder
This is a base coat for stressed overworked nails.
I used this as the base coat for my manicure. Most of my nails are fairly healthy. Last week though something happened to my pinky nail on my left hand. The nail broke low and thetop layer was very thin. My nail also had three vertical splits down it. I cut it as low as I could but the splits went down a bit further then I was able to cut the nail. 48 hours after applying the fortifying nail builder the spits are barely noticeable and the top layer seems to be thickening a bit. I am going to keep applying this and nurse this nail back to health.
60 Second Mani-Pedi
For Dry, Cracked Hands and Feet
Let me say this product is AMAZING, absolutely a must have, the scent is clean and freshThe formula is a perfect balance of abrasion and oil without being overly harsh. You can feel that It is removing the dry skin but it does not feel like you are scrubbing your skin with sand paper. I scooped a bit into my hands and massaged onto my feet, concentrating on the rough spots. I also rubbed it into my cuticles. I did the same with my hands. Typically I use a cuticle gel to help dissolve the cuticles and a pumice stone on my heels, but after using this scrub I didn’t need to use either.  If part of the reason you visit a salon for a pedicure is to get your feet scrubbed, I just saved you some money. The smell is very fresh and clean, not overpowering and it left my skin silky smooth and moisturized. My skin felt so great after that I didn’t need to apply any foot cream.
Barielle colors are buy one get one 50% off right now on their site Barielle products are also available at several retail outlets, a listing of location can be found on their site.
Here is a look at three colors I like;  
good quality brush
Barielle Sweet Addiction: I am totally in love with this color. Green seems to be my color of choice lately and this one does not disappoint. The formula is great and it applied opaque in one coat. This is a gorgeous green, perfect for spring. 
Barielle Pin Up: Va va voom is how I would describe pin up. Beautiful red orange with a hint of gold shimmer. Pin up applied well and was opaque with one coat.
Barielle Island Breeze: This beautiful summer turquoise blue has a light shimmer. This reminds of the waters of an island paradise. Can you picture it lounging on the beach with a fruity beverage with a pretty umbrella in it.  Coverage was good with one coat but I did two to add a little more depth.
Barielle has a large assortment of colors to choose from, something to suit every mood. Looking forward to trying more.
*These products were provided by the PR company for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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