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SensatioNail Gel Nails Kit

By now who hasn’t heard of gel nails, the solution to the why bother painting my nails when it chips in two days anyway problem. Great, problem solved sign me up, polish that lasts for at least two weeks. Oh but wait, I don’t have time, or it’s too expensive to go to the nail salon every two weeks and pay around $35 for just a manicure and fancy polish. Well, have no fear SensatioNail is here. I came across this product one day while picking up some other nail supplies in Walmart, intrigued I read the box but hesitated to purchase wondering if it was really something I could do myself at home and it still look nice and not like a project gone wrong on my nails. Fast forward a few days, I see it again, this time I am in CVS, it’s on sale at CVS for $49.99 there was a $10 ECB (ExtraCare buck) and I have a $10 off coupon + another $5 off coupon I got from SensatioNails Facebook page. Now the price is down to $35 out of pocket but I will get $10 back from the ECB so really it is $24.99 this is a good deal especially considering it comes with the LED lamp. 
So I go for it.
Here is what you get in the starter kit.
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Gel Primer
  • Gel Base & Top Coat
  • Color Gel Polish
  • Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • Wood Manicure Stick
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Double-sided Nail Buffer
This kit provides you with enough supplies to give complete 10 manicures with ZERO dry time! Let’s just absorb the savings there; the average gel polish manicure in a typical salon is about $35 + tip. Multiple that by 10 manicures and you have spent in excess of $350.00 I spent $24.99 on this kit and will get 10 manicures out of it which breaks down to $2.49 per manicure. So you thought you could not afford nice gel nails, think again.  It paid for itself in the first use.

First I was blown away by the incredible value of this kit, but after I completed the process I was AMAZED. Application of the SensatioNail Invincible Gel Polish was easy and fast, it took me about 35 minutes to apply, I did it while watching TV.  

Here are the steps:  (I did my regular manicure soak, cuticle care, file & shape first)

Prepare: Apply the Gel Primer to clean, dry nails. Then apply the Gel Base & Top Coat – CURE FOR 30 SECONDS (no need to watch the clock here, the light beeps at 30 seconds)
Polish:  Sweep on your favorite shade of SensatioNail Invincible Gel Polish – CURE FOR 60 SECONDS
(the light beeps at 30 seconds and turns off at 60, so again no need to watch the clock) I did two coats and the color I used was Raspberry Wine
Protect: Seal the color with Gel Base & Top Coat – CURE FOR 30 SECONDS — Wipe nails with Gel Cleanser – and you’re done! No sitting there waiting for it to dry.
Here is a little tip, the gel is not the same consistency as regular nail polish, be careful of the running you don’t want to much of the color to get around your cuticles or on your skin, if a little does do your cleanup as you go BEFORE you cure each layer. Maybe keep a cuticle stick nearby with a little polish remover to clean around the edges
Gel nails Sensationail
I was surprised how well this came out, it lived up to all its claims no dry time after curing, easy, and did not chip. Usually I wear gloves to protect my hands when cleaning, but to put this system to the test I did not wear gloves during cleaning, or dish washing, and I cook every night so my polish usually takes a beating.

Another tip, make sure you continue the polish over the edge the nail.  The first day I wore the SensatioNail gel on my nails I started getting compliments, some were amazed when I said I did them myself. I have to admit they looked really good. No one could tell that I didn’t get them done at a salon. They stayed glossy the entire time.  I removed them after 10 days although they definitely could have stayed on I was just ready to try another color.  The Blue Yonder looks gorgeous and I am eager to use that color next. I had a tiny bit of wear on my right hand thump, and I actually blame that on forgetting to extend the polish over the free edge of the nail, and it was so small it wasn’t noticeable.

The removal process took me a little longer then the application and longer than the instructions suggested, but was fairly easy. I took me about one hour, but I did one hand at a time so if you want to speed things up you could do both hands at once

Here are the few things you will need for removal: 
  • 100% pure acetone
  • Hand Towel
  • 2 glass bowls (they MUST be glass – anything will do I picked these up at the dollar store, you will need larger ones or 4 if you want to do both hands at the same time)
  • Cuticle Stick 
  • Nail File 
  • Hot Water 

Lightly Buff the shine off the nails 

Place a small bowl of the 100% pure acetone into a larger bowl of hot water;

Cover hands with a towel and wait about 15 – 20 minutes 

*another tip, Acetone can be very drying to the skin so I rubbed some Vaseline on my cuticles and around my fingers to protect them during the acetone soak) 

You will see the gel dissolving, it should push off easily with a cuticle pusher, if you are using a lot of force it’s not ready, if your water has cooled replace it with warm water and continue soaking. When you can push the polish off easily it is ready, use a cuticle pusher or an orange wood stick to push the polish off, mine came off very easily, when I completed the last nail I just dipped a cotton ball in the acetone and wiped over my nails. That’s it, so easy. I had absolutely NO damage to my nails.

All in all this kit is a WINNER in my book. Easy application, easy removal, lasting perfect manicure, and an unbeatable value.  I will definitely use this again.  If you change your polish every other day, this might not be right for you, but if part of the reason you changed your polish so often was because of chipping this will change that.  

Okay so where can you get it?  The SenationNailis sold at CVS (online and in stores) and Walmart Stores and comes in 12 beautiful colors.

And guess what you are in luck, I have several coupons for $10 off a starter kit + $2 off any color to give away.  If you were on the fence about trying this kit, go ahead and hop over and run to your nearest Walmart or CVS and pick one up.  

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  • Tonya E

    You made this look fun, fast & easy! I will be trying it 😀

  • I really would like to try gel nails, I have had the shellac done once but that’s expensive and I prefer to be able to do things myself so this would be great. Also when I entered it said something about not being able to identify my facebook? not sure but I have liked your page from my personal page Cherie Gottsch Taylor and for Enchanting Cosmetics.

  • I’ve been waiting for your review! I have been on the fence about getting this since I saw it at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had my nails Shellaced before, so I definitely love gel nails!

  • Yes, I would love to try gel nails! I’ve gotten them done many times at a local salon, but stopped going because it got so expensive! This is a great alternative.

  • I have been wanting to try this for a while, your review was very helpful. Thank you for that. I am super excited to get this kit now.

  • This is a great review. Sounds simple, actually it sounds just like they do it in the salon.

  • First of all, it is amazing review . Thank you so much 🙂 i was super excited to know more about the product if i decide to 🙂 so BIG YES,i would love to try even though i need to change my nail each day or each other day. thank you for this review i have a question what is ECB stands for?

    • ECB is Extra Care Bucks they are the rewards you earn on certain items at CVS, they print on your receipt. Once you earn them they are just like case and can be used to pay for other items you purchase at CVS.

    • Thank you for your response

  • Good to know. Was just looking at this earlier today in Walmart. Great review!

  • Jessica

    LOVE this review! Now I’m excited to try mine out!

  • wow i would def try this.i tried nutra nail and i liked it but then the getting off process damaged my nails and it didnt last on the nails for long.awesome review

  • MsShane

    Thank you for the review. Have been wanting to attempt a DIY gel application. I absolutely dislike having chipped, not so looking good colored nails and had been doing some reading about gel polish lasting about two weeks (and possible longer). Thanks again for sharing!! ~~Ms. Shane~~

  • I would LOVE to try this – might be asking for it for my birthday (unless I get one of these coupons of course!) 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this review!! I saw the Kit a few weeks ago in CVS but it wasn’t on sale! I used a gel kit I purchased from Rite-Aid that you do not need to use the lamp, it was nice – I really like the remover pads… I wonder if they will remove this gel. xoxo

  • So excited to try this!! I’m really glad that you had a good experience with this because I was super nervous about spending the money without knowing how it would turnout! I really love how they give you everything you need!
    I will be trying this when I go to Vegas in the summer – I hate having to paint my nails when I’d rather be sitting by the pool!!

  • Angie Salgado

    I’ve been meaning to try Gel nails, but getting my nails done professional is not a priority. But this looks affordable and easy. 🙂

  • I’ve tried several times to log in with my Livejournal account, to no avail. – thank you for making it such that we can use name/URL. I’ve been wanting to try this – some of the colors look absolutely incredible. I was so excited that you had a review for these!

  • I have a few of the Gellish, an OPI, & Red Carpet Manicure polishes at home. This looks promising! I’ll have to try the SensationNail line. Thanks for your tips!

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