Posted on March 26, 2012

March Beauty Army Box

Beauty Subscriptions
If you have been following my blog you know that I am very into Beauty Sample Subscriptions. One by one I have been trying them all and writing reviews so that you can get an inside view of them before you signup. My most recent one is from the company Beauty Army . I followed their Facebook page for a while before deciding to join. One of the main things that got me to finally signup was that you get to choose your samples. They let you know when the selection window opens up, the next one is April 09 – April 14, you log in and you see all the available samples for that month and you can select 6. I really like this option, of course the point with these boxes is to try new things but even better to have a say. Similar to the other companies you still take a quiz when signing up and you can retake the quiz at anytime. Beauty Army subscriptions are $12 a month. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are very interactive, another thing I like and they also give you ideas on how to reuse your sample box. Okay so I know you have had enough of my yapping you want to see what was in my box right, Ok here it is.  (product descriptions from
Let me start off by saying the samples come in a really nice black box that can be re-used. I have already thought about covering it with fabric and putting it in my guest room to have a box of treats for when I have overnight guests. 
 Every item was wrapped in pink tissue paper
 This intensive LIFT & FIRM Eye Cream redefines eye area to visibly firm and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, deep wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and sagginess. This includes Cell Protection Protein to stimulate skincell regeneration and protect against harsh climatic elements, Aquafill to fill in wrinkles and lock in moisture, Glucosyl Hesperidin to increase circulation to reduce dark circles, Unirepair t-43 to protect and treat environmental aggressors, Niacinamide to increase microcirculaion to reduce dark circles, and MDI Complex to inhibit MMP breaking down skin’s collagen.
Strengthens hair, making it over 2x more resistant to breakage*Protects against color fade by 94%**
Keratin Peptide Complex™: • Bio-Mimetic Peptides • Keratin Amino Acids •Jojoba Oil • Aloe Extract
BABOR CLEANSING is the first step to beautiful skin. BABOR has combined the natural cleansing power of oil and water to create a unique signature bi-phase cleansing system that ensures mild but thorough deep-cleansing. This gentle hydrophilic (water loving) cleansing oil is formulated with pure herbal ingredients, is free from preservatives and is suitable for all skin types.Benefits: A gentle, water soluble cleansing oil that leaves no oily residue on skin. Must be applied with the skin specific phytoactive. Great for all water and oil soluble make up.
 Helps to clear up existing acne pimples and prevent breakouts by penetrating pores and killing acne causing bacteria.
 This anti-age smoothing eye primer immediately soothes, hydrates and helps reduce undereye puffiness. Formulated to strengthen the skin around the eye, it firms and rejuvenates while lightening dark undereye circles. EyePrep binds concealer, foundation and eye shadows to lids and eye area for long lasting wear. Tolerated by the most sensitive skin, this formula is oil free, fragrance free, paraben free and gluten free.
 Indie created this gentle, effective, double-duty cleanser to wash away impurities and remove makeup naturally.  A perfect start and end to every day. 

Overall I am very pleased with this subscription service, and I am happy with all the samples I received. They are a good size for samples. I am obsessed with cleansing oils so I am most excited to try the Babor. My vote is Beauty Army is a keeper.

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