Posted on February 15, 2012

My first Birchbox

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I have been hearing about Birchbox for ages. Then two months ago when a facebook friend posted about hers I decided to give it a try, she sent me a signup link and I filled it out and got a message, sorry we are sold out of Birchbox subscriptions, we can add you to the waiting list.  I was so excited to try it. Just a few weeks later I got an email that they opened up more spots and to head over to their site to fill out my information. There was a short quiz at the time of registering on the site, the questions were specific to my likes, skin type, color etc.  The entire signup process took just a few minutes and was easy.
A got an email confirmation of my signup and about a week later I got an email that my first box had shipped, they included tracking information.  Two days later my box has arrived……squeeeeee         I love getting packages and I am so excited about my first box, what’s going to be in it…….I rip it open and at first glance it was ok, a few little things, nice packaging, oh wait there are a few more things…some were just in the box the others were wrapped in colored tissue paper and tied with a ribbon.  I took everything out and here is what I got;
      A heart shaped nail file;
Who couldn’t use an extra nail file; I always keep one in my purse so this was good and will come in handy. 
      2  pouches LA Fresh waterproof makeup remover;
Another little item I can never have too many of, I don’t use things like this every day but I like to keep little baskets of things in my guest bathroom for when people stay over, so little samples like this come in handy. I also might use something like this if I am going to be away for a short period of time. If I go spend a night somewhere and don’t want to pack a lot, sample sizes are always good. 

BLK DNM Eau De Parfum .03 oz sample;

Ok, this is a new unisex fragrance, I am not sure if I love it. I am a girly girl, so usually I like a lighter fragrance, the first thing that came to mind when I sprayed this was incense meets musk. It’s a little earthy for me, but not bad. I could see myself wearing this on a more dressed down day. I let my boyfriend smell it ( I didn’t tell him at first it was unisex) he says he likes it, I then tell him it’s unisex he says no way not a man’s scent but he definitely likes it on me.  In my opinion it’s a scent that a man could pull off as well. 

WEI Chinese Rose Foaming cleanser;

This is a light creamy cleanser, it is a pearlized white color. I washed the back of my hand with it after testing the next item in the box, it removed that tinted moisturizer well. It has a nice clean smell but did not lather. I actually like that it didn’t lather, usually when a product has a lot of lather to it, its loaded with chemicals and sulfates which I try to stay away from.
Joner luminizng moisture tint spf 30 oil free;   
 So back to the quiz I took upon signing up, here is a another way that is a nice touch, a lot of samples you would get are very generic in skin type or color, but this sample was the correct color for my skin tone, nice touch Birchbox I am more likely to try a sample that is compatible with my skin.  I am living in the South now and summers can get pretty hot. That time of year I normally switch out my normal foundation to something lighter, usually a tinted moisturizer. I felt that this one covered well, went on light and most important matched my skin. It gave a nice natural look and added bonus it is spf 30! I will definitely be buying the full size of this item.

I have heard/seen some of the items some other members got in their boxes and in comparison I think mine was ok. All in all I am pleased with my first experience with Birchbox, looking forward to next month’s goodies.  If you have been on the fence about trying Birchbox I say go for it. It’s only $10 a month free shipping and a little box of goodies to look forward to each month.  My absolute favorite thing about the Birchbox is if there is something in your box that you love and are ready to buy, you do not need to go searching all over the internet to find it, Just log back into your Birchbox account all the items featured that month are right there highlighted and ready to purchase on their site. How awesome is that! Take the quiz here to get started.  When you receive your first box head on over to my facebook page and show us what you got.

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