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Posted on October 9, 2016

Refresh your Fall wardrobe with ThredUp

Posted on October 6, 2016

Reverse the signs of aging with Jouivance

Beauty/ Skin Care

                 Jouviance the Anti-Aging Secret Weapon 

 My obsession with skin care continues, no surprise there right. My skincare game is pretty tight, and I learned early on that one of the secrets to younger looking skin is prevention. I slowly started incorporating anti-aging skin care products into my regime when I was in my mid-twenties. Now that I’m a little closer to 40 things needs to be kicked up a notch as I’m starting to notice little signs of age trying to creep in and you know I want none of that.

This year, especially the past few months I have been more stressed than usual and even though I am getting pretty decent sleep, exercising…..sometimes and eating well I can see a change in my skin. Panda eyes are not the look I want. My team no wrinkles card is still valid, but I need to get on top of the sallowness under my eyes and these smiles lines that are becoming more pronounced.  

ob Tampons
Posted on October 4, 2016

Trying New Things


As I continue navigation through this uncomfortable year of transition, I’m becoming much more aware of myself. At times I can be such a creature of habit. Patterns, structure, predictability, that is where my comfort usually is. This trait is one that I’m working to change; I need to live in the moment more, stop overthinking and accept that even with change and possible failure, things will be okay. 

Getting comfortable with trying new things can be challenging at times, but it’s necessary for growth. There are a few key things I try to remember when I’m tempted to stay wrapped up in my comfortable place.

Discovering things that you’re good at, things you enjoy and even new and better ways of doing things were all results of the chance you took at trying something new. From health and wellness, style and beauty, to activities, unfamiliar things makes life new and fun. 

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