August 20, 2014

My hair removal adventure with the Emjoi Epilator

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Why do I have to be such a girly girl? Life would sometimes be so much easier if we all just embraced hair and walked around woolly and hairy.  Ugh, but that would never work for me because I despise body hair. The only place I want lots of hair is on my head, and even some days that is up for debate too. Being the ultra feminine girl I am, I want smooth silky legs and arms. I am somewhat lucky in that I have never been really hairy, my legs hardly grow hair anymore, but I do like to keep them ultra smooth. Summertime here in the south means HOT, and hot means when I am not at work I often go sleeveless. My skin is sensitive and shaving everyday often has my underarms a bit irritated, so I was game to try a new method of hair removal. 
Emjoi Epilator
When the package with the emjoi first came I couldn't wait to try it, I got home that evening and ripped the box open, a quick glance at the instructions and here we go. Plugged it in, turned it on, a little noise no biggie the Mr. wasn't home so I wasn't worried about him hearing the noise and wondering what craziness I  was up to.  I without hesitation placed the unit to the skin and _____________FLATLINED, done, nope can't do it under the sink to the basket of rejects this went. OMG I felt that first snatch and panicked. Cursing like a sailor, what the heck was I thinking, shaving isn't so bad I thought. 

Emjoi Epilator
Emjoi epilators utilize a patented 3-disc tweezer system
A few weeks went by and as I worked on other blog posts this one kept haunting me. I do really use everything that is sent to me for review and I had to face this, the good the bad and the ugly. So I pulled it out again,  read the directions for real this time and gave it another go.  I held the skin taught and slowly went over the area with the epilator, a little pinch but bearable. Once I got over the initial shock it was fine. I have used the epilator a few times since then and now I am happy with it, let me share a few tips that helped me. 

  • Shave the day before you plan to epilate if the hair is long, that will decrease the risk of the hair snapping or breaking when pulled; 
  • Plan to use your Epilator in the evening; 
  • Take an Ibuprofen (about 1 hour prior) or use a numbing cream the first few times; 
  • Use on dry skin after a shower; 
  • Hold the skin taught and apply the epilator on an angle moving in slow motions; 
  • Exfoliate the area after to prevent ingrown hairs; 
  • Skip deodorant right after.
GRIN and BEAR it, the  pain  pinch eases up after a few rounds and smooth skin is all that remains. 
Emjoi Epilator
Emjoi epilators utilize a patented 3-disc tweezer system
I do also want to note, pay attention to wear the epilator is suited for use, they are not all created equal. This one clearly said it is not for use on sensitive areas of the face such as the cheeks. I did use it on my little lady mustache with no issues and very little discomfort. I was actually surprised by that thinking it would hurt more there than the underarm but I was wrong.  Felling all confident I attached the sensitive skin piece and thought I would remove the little peach fuzz off my cheeks and I broke out, it was a little too much for that sensitive area. I should have followed the directions, my mistake saved you, don't get bold. 

The final verdict is, it's a go once you get past the first use. Don't be scared give it a try. 

Cost: $79.95

What is your preferred method of hair removal? 

*I was provided with a sample of the product featured, all opinions are my own. 

August 15, 2014

National Relaxation Day

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Happy Friday beauties, are you ready for the weekend? This week like many others, has been super stressful for me. I feel like my plate is overflowing full. I am so happy today is Friday and even better, today is National Relaxation Day. Unfortunately I have to work, but perhaps half a day is in order. 

Here is what is on my agenda for this afternoon; 

Treat Receipt is back at Starbucks. Friday's I usually grab a Chai Tea in the morning so I plan to swing back in the afternoon and grab my new favorite the Shaken Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade

With a cool drink in hand I plan to lace up my Nike's. These are the Nike Free TR 4 training shoes, they are super comfy. The weather is supposed to be perfect for a nice leisurely stroll through the park;

I am way over due for a manicure & pedicure so I plan to stop by my favorite salon. I'm thinking Nars Trouville and Nars Thasos make a pretty combination; 


After dinner a nice bath will help me to relax and soak my cares away, the Neutrogena Rain Bath  in pear & green tea smells amazing. 

What better way to end the day than to curl up with a good book. I am currently reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.

Do you have any plans for celebrating National Relaxation Day, I'd love to hear about how you relax. 

August 14, 2014

Pür Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection

Press Sample

There are some really nice makeup sets releasing and today's post is about the new Pür Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection. This exclusive,limited edition collection was created for the highly anticipated film Jupiter Ascending starring Mila Kunis and, uhhh hmmm Channing Tatum. 
The collection is designed to help you achieve the flawless on-screen looks with:

·         Eye Shadows: Six stunning shades of shadow from subtle neutral to dramatic shimmer help you get Jupiter’s striking look. The talc-free eye shadows come in matte, satin, and metallic textures for a wide range of looks from day to night.
·         Space Eyeliner: This liquid precision eyeliner in inky black features a user-friendly felt tip for easy application. Get sharp, clean definition for flawless eyes with this daily must-have. 
·         Galaxy Lip Gloss: Housed in futuristic light-up packaging, the iridescent pink gloss comes with a built-in touch-up mirror for beauty on the go.
This is my first time using any shadows from Pür  Minerals and I was impressed. The pigmentation was good and the colors are not chalky at all and blend very easily. This really is a very versatile little palette, the eye shadows layer nicely and can be used wet for more intensity. With a primer the color lasted on my lids about 8 hours creasing. 
I used colors Jupiter, Night Sky & Majesty for this look. 
The felt tip eyeliner pen is now a favorite for me. Having small hooded eyes I am very picky about liquid liner pens; I need a steady thin tip and this one fit the bill. Once dried this liner stayed put, my eyes tear a lot and this liner did not smudge at all. The galaxy lip gloss is a pretty universal pink that provides a hint of color on its own and layers nice over lipstick. This gloss is a nice consistency and not sticky. Bonus is the light and touchup mirror. 
Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection
With a value of $124 this set is a great buy and I would say it's definitely worth picking up. 

Cost: $29 
Availability: Exclusive to ULTA and

*I was provided with a press sample of the product featured, all opinions are my own. 

August 12, 2014

Nourish Hair from the Inside with Hair Essentials

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If you have been with me for the past few months you may know I am on a mission to grow my hair out. I take a few vitamins,  and one for hair and nails is always in my lineup. The latest supplements I have been taking is from Hair Essentials. 
Hair Essentials
Hair Essentials is an all-natural proprietary blend of more than 20 herbs and essential hair-healthy nutrients. It is 100% drug-free, certified gluten-free, and vegetarian, and is an effective and gentle formulation that naturally combats hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth.
Directions: Take 3 capsules a day with food. You can take all three at once, or split them and do one with each meal.  Getting these down was not biggie since they are coated but if you don't like swallowing pills you can open them up and mix the powder in your juice, smoothie, yogurt etc. 
Hair Essentials is said to:
  • Stimulates new hair growth
  • Protects and Repairs damaged hair follicles
    Improves texture and shine 
  • Reduces scalp inflammation
  • Promotes thicker, fuller, faster-growing hair
  • Combats hair loss
Hair Essentials is effective for for all hair types, is doctor-formulated, and certified gluten-free. 

I have been taking Hair Essentials for just over 30 days and so far I have not seen much noticeable growth, however my hair does appear thicker and shedding has decreased. Thumbs up for seeing less hair in the brush, which tells me it's a bit stronger too. It is recommended to take the vitamins for 90 days to see results.  

Cost: 30 day supply $39.99, 90 day supply $99

Get Social with Hair Essentials: Facebook Twitter • Pinterest

Have you ever taken a hair or nail supplement? 

*I was provided with a sample of the product featured, all opnions are my own. 

Beauty Box 5 (July 2014 Box)

Press Sample
Samples, samples, everywhere! I love samples, being a product junkie having the chance to try before I buy is always nice. Over the years I have discovered some really amazing products from trying samples. Let's take a look at my July Beauty Box 5 box.
Beauty Box 5
Beauty Box 5 is a beauty sampling subscription that can introduce you to new brands and products  before committing to full size products. In your beauty box 5 box you will receive a variety of makeup, hair, skin care, nail polish and fragrance samples. Everything from luxury, drugstore, niche, even vegan products in a
mix of deluxe samples and full size products.

The July box theme was defining moments. This month we want to celebrate the events that made you the amazing woman you are today! Whether these moments were milestones like graduating college and earning your first big paycheck, or small victories like learning how to gracefully walk in heels or fining the mascara you can't live without, treasure your accomplishments and be ready for the next one. I was very pleased with my July box, with a value of $29.46 it more than paid for itself.  Here is the breakdown;

HASK Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ($2.49 1.75oz) #haskhair
Plagued with dry, damaged hair? No more! Restore your mane to all its shining glory with this thick, nourishing cream that delivers results that last for two weeks. I have read great things about Hask hair treatments, so I'm excited to use this treatment on my dry hair.
Beauty Box 5
H2O Plus Bath Aquatics Shampoo ($10.00 8.5 fl oz) #h2oplususa
Made with Iceland moss, watercress extract, and pro vitamin B, this gentle, lightweight shampoo is a shower staple for ladies with fine hair, fly-aways, or sensitive scalps, leaving hair soft and shiny.
Beauty Box 5
Nicka K New York Nail Color ($4.99 0.5 fl oz) #nickaknewyork
This pretty formaldehyde-free polish goes on smooth and offers even, long-wear coverage! Plus, the sleek bottle has a short brush for easy application and a clean finish. I have been wanting to try Nicka K New York polishes, so I can't wait to use this. A quick nail wheel swatch and the coverage and formula seem great.
Beauty Box 5
Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara ($7.99 0.24 fl oz) also included a $1.00 coupon #revlon #flashyourlash
Meet our newest every day fav! Thanks to its lacquered formula, this mascara not only delivers volume and definition, but actually lifts lashes, no curler necessary. Oh, and did we mention that it doesn't smudge or flake? A total steal. I always forget to curl my lashes anyway, so this mascara sounds perfect for me.
Beauty Box 5
Body Drench Candy Licious Lips ($3.99 0.09 oz) #bodydrench
Give your lips a treat infused with beeswax, coconut oil, and vitamin E, these candy-flavored lip balms taste like the real thing (without the guilt or sugar rush) and are utterly irresistible to men and small children, so apply with caution. 
Beauty Box 5
Ready to subscribe here are your options; 
Monthly $12 • Quarterly 30 • Yearly $99

New subscribers can get your first box for 1/2 price; use the code HALFOFF.

Sign up by the 21st to receive the current months box.  If you live in Canada you can subscribe also, but there is an additional $3 charge for shipping.

Loved your box and want to purchase the full size version? You can now do so in the beauty box 5 shop.

*I was provided with a sample of the product featured, all opinions are my own. 


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