October 28, 2014

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Collection

How much do you follow hair trends? Non-traditional color seems to be very on trend now, but with my career I have to keep things pretty traditional. I mostly wear my hair straightened and occasionally I will add some big voluminous curls. No matter how I wear my hair I want it to look healthy and have movement. With the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil collection I got both of those and more.
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Pretty & Polished Fall Collection (Partial)

Press Sample
Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but it starts a little later in the South. It's hard to get into the fall mood when temperatures are still hitting mid 80's. Today I have two of the six shades from the Pretty & Polished Fall Collection. I have already worn both shades more than once, and anticipate them both getting some more use from me in the weeks to come. 

Take It From the Taupe: A Taupe Creme ($8.00) 
Pretty & Polished Take It From the Taupe
Pretty & Polished Take It From the Taupe

October 27, 2014

Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid Peel Review

Press Sample
I have mentioned in past posts that around Septmeber of last year I had a very bad reastion to a skin product I was testing. That reaction included a very severe breakout and I was left with bad scarring and hyper-pigmentation. It has taken months to get my skin back to a normal state and I am still fighting with the hyper-pigmentation. and some severe dark spots. Around January of last year I visited my dermatologist for some help and she suggested I do a few chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments, in addition to some products she prescribed. I have had chemical peels in the past and although they do yield fairly quick results, there is some down time. I wasn't in the mood to deal with the monster face skin for a week or two each time after a chemical peel so I decided to forgo them this time and use other methods that don't show results as quickly.
Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid Peel

October 26, 2014

Mia Mariu Microdermabrasion Set Review & Giveaway

There was a time when the thought of playing around with any type of at home skin treatment frightened me. Now that I am more comfortable and kowlegable about skin care I feel better diceiphering what I can tackle at home and what needs to be left to the Esthetician. With the latest products on the market I feel comfortable doing microdermanbrasion at home, and in fact it's a regular part of my routine. For the past few weeks I have been testing out the Microdermabrasion Set from Mia Mariu
Mia Mariu Microdermabrasion Set

Marika Magic Slimming Capri's

For the past few months I have been back into exercising regularly again. As we role into the cooler weather months it is getting hard and harder to get up early but I am staying focused.  Comfort is important to me, I invested in some new sneakers and slowly I am expanding my workout wardrobe. Depending on the workout I am doing loose fitting pants are not always the most appropriate, leggings or capri's work better for yoga, barre, pilates and even biking days.  I tested out the marika magic slimming capri's and I am happy to report not only were they comfortable, they kept all my jiggle in place. 
Marika Magic Slimming Capri's


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