Fit to Play with Playtex Sport: What’s In My Gym Bag

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It’s finally getting nice out which means I’ll be starting to move my workouts outdoors. I have been making an effort to get up early during the week in an attempt to get some sort of activity done in the morning. I am beyond out of shape and even a little yoga or stretching in the morning helps.  In the warmer months I like to workout outside when I can. There is something nice and relaxing about even just a walk after dinner outside when weather is nice. There is a park on my way route home and often I will take a bag with me to work so I can jut change and stop off there on my way home.  These are a few of the essentials I keep in my gym bag so I can just through in some workout clothes and go.

Gym Bag Essentials

Many, many years ago back when I was in High School I had an injury to my achilles tendon that never really healed properly. That injury which still causes me pain heavily effects my workouts so quality footwear is a must for me. I needed new workeput sneakers bad, and snagged these Nike Dual Fusion Lites on sale and they are the best. These running sneakers are nice and light while still giving me the support I need.

women's nike sneakers

Exercising can sometimes be a healthy way to escape from life. If I am working out alone I absolutely must  have music on hand. Being able to escape into the beats is therapeutic and I can switch to a new playlist if I am needing some extra motivation. I know I  am not the only one that has that one playlist of music that they turn to. You know the one you play when you are ready to give up hope on ever having a body close to Jlo or Beyonce.

what's in my gym bag

I keep things pretty simple when working out, no glam girl over here. I keep makeup remover wipes on hand to remove any makeup. I also keep a hair brush and a few hair ties to pull my hair up into a ponytail or bun so it is out of my face. Now I am ready to sweat.

Playtex Sport

Mother nature has a way of sneaking up on us but with the Playtex® Sport® Combo pack  I never have to worry about her interfering with my active lifestyle. No one wants to be surprised and we definitely don’t want to have to worry about accidents and leaks when working out and staying active. The new Playtex Sports Combo Pack  offers two kinds of sports level protection. No matter what activity your are into, the Playtex sports pack has you covered with a combination of tampons and either pads or liners.  The flex fit design of the Playtex sport tampons adjust to your every move forming a protective leak barrier. For the next few weeks during the month of March you can find these combination packs on an end cap in your local Walmart  Store.  In April they can be found in the regular feminine care aisle. Look for these special marked packs;



NEW! Playtex® Sport® now available in Pads, Liners and Combo Packs at Walmart! Now Sport Level Protection™ pads, liners and combo packs with Flexfit™ design to twist and turn with your body. Don’t let your period get in the way. PlayOn!

By keeping my gym bag packed with all the essentials and ready to go, I have little excuses not to get some exercise in a few days a week. Leave a comment and tell me what are some must have items you would consider Gym Bag Essentials?

How Macadamia Pro brought my hair back to life

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You are just like me, stubborn yet free. You make yourself known, intentional or not. A a carefree curl here, and a wiry grey there.  We have been through it girl! The good, the bad ,the impromptu haircut in the bathroom while watching the Whitney Houston funeral. You have gone through many of life’s changes with me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have to apologize though, lately I have been neglecting you. You didn’t do anything wrong, I just took you for granted. I stopped pampering you,  I stopped appreciating your power, your beauty. My dear hair; I’m sorry.

Macadamia Professional Hair Care

Just last fall I was almost to my new hair goal length of mid back. You can see a pic of my hair length in a post here. I don’t even know what happened, I guess Life Happened is the easiest excuse, over time my hair has been used and abused.  I have been insanely busy and just was not taking good care of my hair. Once upon a time I would spend Sunday evenings letting a deep conditioning mask steam into my hair,  with a skin care mask on my face,  while I did my nails. I cannot even tell you the last time I did that. In addition to not deep conditioning for the earlier part of this year, I was also flat ironing my hair weekly. To say my hair was as dry as the Sahara would be an understatement.  For the past few weeks I was just leaving it curly and pulling it into a bun. I could no longer stand to see the broken off strands fall to the floor every time I brushed it. [Read more…]

Get silky smooth legs for summer

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I almost cannot believe it is Spring already. Here in the South it was snowing a few weeks ago and then pow last week we got up to 80º.  I am not complaining though, I am so ready to trade wool pants and boots for capri pants  and sandals. Gillette Venus Razor

I hope I am not the only one who slacks a bit on my shaving during the winter. I don’t think the Mr. would like to cuddle with Sasquatch so I don’t let it get that bad, but I definitely don’t keep up with it daily.  Now that the weather is warming up I want my legs to be silky smooth everyday and ready to soak up the sun.  These 3 steps help keep my legs soft, silky, and sexy for summer.

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